Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Meeting 2015

Every 4th Tuesday of the month, from 11:00-12:00, Remco Hoogenboezem and Harmen van de Werken organize the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Meeting.

Speaker Affiliation Title Location Download
24-02-2015Harmen van de WerkenCancer Computational Biology CenterIntroduction Bioinformatics Meeting and CCBC activitiesOWR-6Download
Marcel SmidMedical OncologyPresentation RNA-seq data analysis of Breast CancerOWR-6Download
Harmen van de WerkenCancer Computational Biology CenterDiscussion on how to continue this meetingOWR-6Download
24-03-2015René BraakmanMedical OncologyShotgun Proteomics: Protein inference and false discovery rates in very large data setsAe327Download
Mathijs SandersHematologyA single oncogenic enhancer rearrangement causes concomitant EVI1 and GATA2 deregulation in leukemiaAe327Download
26-05-2015Alex HoogkamerLaboratory of Pediatric Oncology/ HematologyDeep sequencing to find subclonal mutations in leukemiaAe327Download
Marjolein WeertsDepartment of Medical OncologyTargeted sequencing by ion-PGM of DNA derived from tissue and blood specimens of metastatic breast cancer patientsAe327Download
Judith BoerLaboratory of Pediatric Oncology/ HematologyRequest for bio-informatics projectsAe327Download
23-06-2015Patrick KemmerenUtrecht Bioinformatics Center/Center for Molecular MedicineComputing for the Life SciencesOWR-31Download
Anton KoningDepartment of BioinformaticsSCS: Storage, Compute and Support for ResearchOWR-31Download
22-09-2015Jeroen van RooijDepartment of Neurology/Department of Internal MedicinePopulation-level Whole Exome SequencingOWR-4N/A
Remco HoogenboezemDepartment of HematologyBioinformatics and Computational Biology Meeting SurveyOWR-4Download
27-10-2015Pjotr PrinsDepartment of Medical Genetics, University Medical Centre, Utrecht /University of Tennessee( scalable sharable pipelines for NGSOWR-24Download
Rutger BrouwerCenter for BiomicsA design-driven analyses suite for amplicon based NGS data.OWR-24N/A
24-11-2015Kira VyatkinaCenter for Algorithmic Biotechnology, Institute of Translational Biomedicine, Saint Petersburg State University/Algorithmic Biology Laboratory, Saint Petersburg Academic UniversityDe novo sequencing of proteins from top-down tandem mass spectraAE-327N/A